The Rising Sisterhood Book 3

Rise With Us: A Journey to Radical Acceptance and Unwavering Solidarity

My chapter: Worthy

My chapter entitled "Worthy" in The Rising Sisterhood Book 3, is all about (you guessed it) rediscovering my self-worth.

You can read all about how a lifetime of living for everyone else's expectations, and blaming others for my unhappiness (and other self-sabotaging habits), led to some rock-bottom moments and life-changing realizations.

Only when I took responsibility for my own thoughts and actions, could I start to reclaim my power. It took years of healing and borrowing confidence from others until I could find it within myself, to rebuild and create the life and love that lights me up now.

Read more about my chapter on the TRS blog here.

The Rising Sisterhood Book 3 became number 1 bestseller on Amazon

The Rising Sisterhood Books

The Rising Sisterhood community provides a platform for women to tell their stories in a safe and supportive way.

Each year they publish two books, featuring a collection of personal stories for women by women from around the world.

As authors of The Rising Sisterhood books, we share a common goal of shining our light to uplift, inspire and empower other women around us. We want them to feel less alone in whatever challenges they may be facing.

Through story we do our part to guide them on a path forward to becoming the best version of themselves.

The Rising Sisterhood Book 3 was released on Amazon in June 2022 and became an instant #1 best seller in several categories.

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Listen to my journey with The Rising Sisterhood Book, and how my chapter, "Worthy", aligns with their vision for empowering women all around the world to claim and shine their unique light into the world.

Sandra co-authored The Rising Sisterhood Book 3

The Rising Sisterhood book proudly partners with, and donates all proceeds to Girl Talk Inc.

Girl Talk mentor girls to become confident and empowered leaders. We are thrilled to be inspiring the next generation of women - may they do an even better job of making the world a kinder, encouraging and equitable place.

The Rising Sisterhood Book donates all profits to Girl Talk

Co-authors of The Rising Sisterhood Book 3


Marjanna Barber-Dubois


Jesi Carroll


Sonya Davis


Bianca Demsa

Amy Edge founded The Rising Sisterhood

(Founded and compiled by) Amy Edge


Kat Frey


Jacqueline Fusco


Chimere Goldsboro


Marci Hedderson-Carroll


Lesha Malone


Angela Milano-Hnas


Laura Parsons


Kristi Peek


Laney Ray


Jessica Rodriguez


Elsbeth Thurston

Sandra Vaughan co-authored The Rising Sisterhood Book 3 with her chapter Worthy

Sandra Vaughan


Kristen Westcott

“Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.”
- Michelle Obama

Ready to write your story?

The Rising Sisterhood are always on the lookout for women who want to share their story to inspire others. Amy Edge, Stephenie Surber and the team are incredible to work with. They will give you everything you need to support you as you write your chapter. Tell them I sent you!