Coaching and Healing

Packages to suit your predicament and your pocket

Love yourself. Love your life.

If there's one thing I love to do, it's being a cheerleader for people's dreams!

No matter what you're hoping to squeeze out of this life, I believe in you. But do you?

If not, or if you don't know how to reach your goals, I can help guide you to get your shine back. It's time to embrace your whole self (your wonders and your wounds), reclaim your power and dance confidently through life in total soul alignment.

Life gets to be fun! It requires a two-pronged approach:
~ Healing will help you gain peace from what you may have experienced in the past.
~ Coaching will move you forward into the life of your dreams.

With my expertise in crafting programs along with my coaching and various healing modalities... you get the best of both worlds! 

Schedule your free Connection Call so we can start paving your unique pathway to you living your best life.


Build confidence in listening to your own heart and inner wisdom. Empower yourself to speak and act confidently in order to chase and realize your wildest dreams.

Self worth and self love combine to create freedom peace and joy


A great relationship with others begins with a fierce and loving relationship with yourself. Learn to communicate your boundaries and needs, and how to compassionately respect those of others’.

Journal and crystals heal past issues
Sandra combines life coaching and energy healing

 "As someone who had experienced a toxic environment that affected my confidence and well-being, a safe space held by capable hands were a MUST for me. Working with Sandra is like treating yourself with a spa treatment for soul. Sandra holds a trusted, safe space so beautifully. Her evident warm and confident energy makes you feel entirely at ease and quickly trust yourself to dive into the deep work and to reemerge again with a new perspective and way forwards. I highly recommend Sandra if you are in the process of soul-searching and in need of healing."

1:1 Coaching Client

Life coaching on any topic to help you move forward

Casual Coaching

60 minutes • $77 USD (LIMITED TIME SPECIAL)

Work with me 1-on-1 on a topic of your choosing, as and when you need it. This hour is all about YOU, and anything you'd like to overcome or invite into your life.

We'll begin with a grounding meditation to land you into the session. We'll then explore your topic of concern or goals, and together we'll help you break through any blocks, and get a clear action path forwards.

We'll close each session with a short oracle card reading and affirmation for guidance for the rest of your day or week.

Reiki energetic healing and crystals


60 minutes • $77 USD (LIMITED TIME SPECIAL)

Reiki (ray-kee) is the universal essential energy that supports all life. Reiki sessions offer gentle, non-invasive yet powerful methods of healing.

Being an energetic healing modality, it can be performed by distance, so join me over Zoom from the comfort of your home. Privacy is respected at all times; you will remain fully clothed, lying on your back on a massage table, sofa or bed. Dress for comfort and warmth.

I often use crystals and Liquid Crystal oracle cards during Reiki sessions, to amplify any messages or healing. Alternatively, if you’d prefer pure Reiki with no other modalities used that’s perfectly fine too, just let me know.

4 week holistic coaching and healing program


4 week private coaching program • $247 USD (LIMITED TIME SPECIAL)

Your introduction into the alchemy of healing and coaching.

Discover new possibilities for a joyful life, with 2 holistic coaching sessions, workbook and crystal card reading.

Let's begin to clear some blocks that could be holding you back from living your best life. Reiki is the ultimate act of self-love and can help you find peace. During each session, you'll also receive coaching guidance for your day or week ahead.

It's time to dip your toes into the glistening waters of holistic coaching.

You 2.0 VIP 12 week holistic coaching and healing program

You 2.0

12 week private multi-modality coaching program • $797 USD (LIMITED TIME SPECIAL)

A combination of powerful healing techniques with modern coaching guidance so you can catapult yourself forwards and live life on your own terms.

Create more meaning, joy and abundance in your life today by coming home to YOU. Learn how to cultivate and maintain forward momentum, working hand in hand with Mama Nature and the Universe to shine the light that's uniquely inside of you.

Ready to go all-in and become the unstoppable goddess you were born to be?

You 2.0 VIP 12 week holistic coaching and healing program

Gift Vouchers

The kindest gift for yourself or a loved one.

Secure a gift voucher for yourself as this lower price, and use it whenever you're ready to uplevel your life!


Show a loved one that you believe in them by gifting them a life coaching session, where I can guide them towards taking that next step towards living joyfully and confidently in the direction of their dreams.

Guidance and breathing belief

"I'm healthier, happier, and excited for my future. Eternally grateful for your guidance as I found my way back to ME! Thank you for breathing belief back into me.

Coaching and Healing · Australia

Get connected with thoughts and feelings

 "Sandra gives that extra time to get connected with my thoughts and feelings. Working with Sandra gives results quickly if only you put in as much work as she does.

1:1 Coaching · UK

Emotional processing techniques

 "I've started putting into practise Sandra's emotional processing techniques. Already I can feel a difference in how I process emotion."

Coaching and Healing · Australia

Ready to get to work?

I would love the opportunity to chat with you further and see if we're a good match for each other. Let's spend 30 minutes together where you can briefly share your story and your goals. During that time I'll offer some quick coaching, share which of my offerings you may like to consider, and you can decide whether you want to take it further. Absolutely zero obligations ('cause who likes those?!).