You 2.0

A 12 week multi-modality coaching program for women to heal and live life on their own terms

When your actions are in alignment with your heart's deepest desires, you feel confident to create magic in your life, hit your goals and have more fun!

YOU 2.0 combines powerful energetic healing techniques with modern coaching guidance so you can propel yourself forwards, free from ties that have previously held you back.

Imagine how you would feel if you loved and accepted every part of yourself, and it didn't matter what anyone else thought - pure freedom!

Imagine what magic you could create in the world if you felt free, strong, confident and loved - pure love and joy. An unstoppable you!

Create more meaning, joy and abundance in your life today by coming home to YOU. Learn how to cultivate and maintain forward momentum, working hand in hand with Mama Nature and the Universe to shine the light that's uniquely inside of you.

It's time to let your feminine essence flow and flourish!

12 transformative weeks

WEEK 1: Welcome & Rituals - Setting you up for success and transformation

WEEK 2: Goal Clarity - What do you want to have? And how do you want to feel?

WEEKS 3-5: Identify & Remove Blocks - We'll shift whatever has been holding you back, with insights and tools that can catapult you forward to living life as YOU 2.0

WEEK 6: 'Reset' Coaching - Reevaluate goals & plan your path forward

WEEKS 7-9: Energy Healings - EFT (tapping), crystals, reiki and more

WEEK 10: 'Renew' Coaching - Come away ready to take inspired action in co-creation with the universe

WEEK 11: Divine Feminine - Learn how to live in femininity and flow

WEEK 12: Magic Maintenance - Setting you up to continue the work

Get ready to

Get ready to

Learn how to

  • Embrace and love your flaw-some self
  • Discover your unique strengths and gifts
  • Overcome obstacles with ease, grace and flow
  • Gain clarity, confidence and a renewed zest for life
  • Understand your core values so you can firmly set boundaries
  • Set and achieve goals that are in true alignment with who you are, and that light you up at a soul level
  • Design your life of purpose and passion
  • Shine like the goddess you are!

What you get

  • 12 private sessions via Zoom, each 45-90 minutes duration
  • 3 personalized healing sessions
  • Notes emailed to you after each session
  • Personal development techniques and exercises
  • Resource recommendations to enhance our work together
  • BONUS: Liquid Crystal mini-reading of your life purpose, accompanied by a personalized affirmation "song"
  • BONUS: Exclusive Yoga Nidra meditation
  • BONUS: Guide to Protecting Your Energy

My commitment to you

This program will be a catalyst for you to start living life on your terms - your YOU 2.0.

Together we will get you bouncing out of bed, and living each day fully and wholly. I will hold space for you gently, honestly, and without judgement.

With my support you will create a step by step plan for YOU 2.0, one that lights you up, and will have you dancing with life once more.

It is possible for you to be passionate at home, passionate at work, and still have time and energy to spend with friends and hobbies.

Of course there are those pesky old wounds and habits we'll have to work through, but I sense you don't want to keep holding onto those anyway, right? I will keep you accountable and empower you with strategies for taking back your personal power, loving yourself and your life.

This IS for you if you...

  • are stuck in a rut, bored or uncertain
  • put others' needs before your own and you're exhausted 
  • are at a turning point in your life, but you're not sure what your options are or which way you should turn
  • know there's something more to life, but you don't know what that is for you
  • know what you want, but you don't know how to move forward, or you keep hitting roadblocks
  • love personal and spiritual development
  • commit to going "all in" to transform your life and become a shiny new YOU 2.0

This will NOT be for you if you...

  • are comfortable with your life and don't respond well to change
  • are happy to keep playing it small in life
  • aren't open to trying new spiritual tools and techniques to up-level and grow
  • cannot commit to a specific meeting time once every 1 or 2 weeks
  • are not a woman aged 25-55
  • are not "pro choice" - if you don't believe in "my body, my choice" then now is not the time for us to work together

 "I feel so safe, seen and heard in Sandra's presence. She powerfully holds and guides me without judgement as I 'do the work'." 

1:1 Coaching and Energy Healing client

Frequently Asked Questions

This is why our Connection Call is so important. Our first call together is a chance for us to casually get to know each other and find out if we’re soul sisters. If either of us don’t feel like I can help you shift from a life of boo-hoo to woo-hoo, we’ll both have had a great conversation and we can leave it just as that - I never want my clients to feel pressured or obliged. If we do gel, great! You’ll have me in your corner the whole way, and I’ll be expecting you to give your all also.

I'm in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) time, which is GMT+9 hours. Calls can be scheduled between AEST 6am - 8am most mornings, or 5pm - 9pm most evenings. Limited weekend spots are available. This availability schedule may help as a guide:

Brisbane (AEST)
Mon - Thu 6am-8am
Mon - Thu 5pm-9pm
Fri 6am-7pm
Sat & Sun 9am-5pm

London (BST)
Sun - Wed 9pm-11pm
Mon - Thu 8am-12pm
Thu 9pm-10am
Fri & Sat 12am-8am

New York (EDT)
Sun - Wed 4pm-6pm
Mon - Thu 3am-7am
Thu 4pm-5am
Fri & Sat 7pm - Sat 3am

The program is 12 sessions, 1 per week. During our Connection Call we’ll set up our weekly session time that suits both our schedules. I understand that some clients co-parent or work shifts, so if we need to stretch your program over 24 weeks so you can do fortnightly(bi-weekly) calls, I will be as flexible as I can for you.

Coaching sessions will be on average 1 hour per week. Each week there will be 1-3 hours of ‘self-work’ (others might call it homework),plus any bonus exercises (eg journaling, meditations) you may like to add also - and YES I highly recommend that becomes part of yourdaily practise. Any digital materials shared with you are yours to keep, and many of them can be reused by you in future.

While you’ll still get high value from our coaching sessions, the extra assigned exercises between sessions (what I like to call ‘self work’)are also recommended. You’ve got access to me for 12 weeks, so you may as well go all-in and get the most bang for your buck!

It's important to understand with any healing, soul work or self development you do, sometimes things can get worse before they get better. Saying that, I would never want you to be unhappy! I encourage you to share any concerns at any time. If you can show that you’ve been consistent with the self-work and are still unsatisfied with your purchase, we will refund you $70 per unused session.

Extra coaching or healing sessions can be purchased. See here for more details, or let's chat about it during our next session.

Ready to get to work?

I would love to chat with you and see if we're a good match for each other with this program. Let's spend 30 minutes together where you can briefly share your story and your goals. During that time I'll offer some quick coaching, share which of my offerings you may like to consider, and you can decide whether you want to take it further. Absolutely zero obligations.